Pin Up Party (Sunday)

Real and Imagined

What better way to celebrate our biggest night of the week than with a party for sailors and skelatons, pin-ups and panthers? Dress like your favorite design and come prepared for a night of classic rock and fireworks. Get out your For many old-school tattoo lovers, the American Traditional tattoo style is the only style. A lot of different common elements come to mind, but the old school tattoos were here first and for many the choice as their only tattoo style.

Black Party (Monday)

Paint the Town

Black is the new black as we prepare to start your Experience week right with our themed Black Party on Sunday night. Dress up or dress down, just come prepared to shed your true colors as you dance to some of the finest tattoo-inspired music in the Caribbean.

Tokyo Party (Tuesday)

Tune-In Tokyo

Tonight is a celebration of the wildly popular Japanese tattoo style, reflected through a larger-than-life interpretation of the art form. Ancient and mysterious themes will vibe perfectly with the EDM music of the night. So come prepared to dress the part, drink the saki and meet the samurai. Konbanwa! Welcome to Tokyo!

Comicon Party (Wednesday)

Exaggerate Yourself

Come as your favorite anime or comic book character as we celebrate pop culture aesthetic of the New School.

Body Paint Party (Thursday)

Color Me Neon

Artist or not, get ready to sling some body paint on your friends and neighbors. And yes, the paint is eco-friendly and water-soluble.

Gnarly Party (Friday)

There's no place like the 1980's

The 1980s brought out the best, the worst, and certainly some of the most memorable moments in music culture. Our Friday night party is dedicated to the era’s popular Arena rock, a blend of progressive, pop, and even hard rock from the 1980s. Fueled by some familiar bands of the time including a surprise performance, our final theme night of the week is designed to leave you wondering how you’re ever gonna get these songs out of your head… Until Mad Canvas 2023!

Day Parties

Are you up?

The action begins at noon each day with games and music, mid-day treats, and cocktails that come straight to you. Sure, you can sleep in. But with parties like these, who would want to?

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